Nevin praises Hakim Ziyech.

Wed 11 November 2020 | 16:05

Pat Nevin thinks Ziyech is a mix of Hazard and Fabregas

The Morocco international who has shown a lot of quality ever since he was in


now has been praised by the former



Pat Nevin

after his good performance in the club

 “We will find out soon enough, but it is noticeable how many chances we appear to be making and indeed scoring since Ziyech started against Krasnodar. We have played four games and have a current running scoreline of 14-1!

“So there is his vision, stunning delivery with his left foot, while his right foot is pretty hot as well. He can score as well as creating but it is that ability to see gaps and deliver the ball into them that is the most noticeable thing at the moment.

“In short, it all looks very good, but of course because it looks good, everyone else has been watching him now and maybe the element of surprise will be diminished? Will this have an influence on his effectiveness in the short to medium term?

“If you are an opposition coach the first thing you have to do against him now is a no-brainer, you have to get him ‘shown down the line’ on that right-hand side by the full-back and hopefully the covering midfielder.

“The thing is, it is obvious players have been trying to do that to Hakim for years and he is wise to it. If they over-cover he just goes inside further and releases the space for his own overlapping full-back. That creates just as big a problem for the oppo, as Reece James is probably the only player who could argue with Hakim about having the best delivery in the squad just now.

“As the new players have arrived and been integrated into the team, many of us have been waiting for the on-field understandings to blossom.

“Sometimes these can take a while, but I can already see something special with Reece and Hakim. You might stop one, but that will create space for the other.”

source: SportMob