Milan results quite surprising, says Ancelotti

Wed 11 November 2020 | 2:30

Ancelotti spoke about his former club Milan. He believes that despite the extraordinary performance of Zlatan, they still lack something.


talks about


and Napoli. He says that although

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

might be immortal like


, Milan still lacks something. He believes that the results that

AC Milan

got so far are a little bit surprising as he says this season is unpredictable.

“They have had great results but I think the Rossoneri are still missing something to be at the level of Juventus and Inter,”



“However, do not forget that this is a strange season everywhere in Europe, I’m seeing quite surprising results.

“Some table leaders would be unpredictable at the beginning of the season. Anything can happen".

He also talked about his experience at


before joining Everton.

“There is a beautiful environment, like family. Naples is a beautiful city, with many contradictions. I had never lived in the South and it was an experience worth doing.

"[Gennaro] Gattuso has personality, he made his experiences and I expected him to do a great job. Rino has the skills to do it.”

source: SportMob