Prandelli on Meeting Iachini

Tue 10 November 2020 | 14:24

The Italian coach joins Fiorentina replacing Iachini.

After ten years Cesare Prandelli returns to


to take over Iachini's position. The Italian revealed his plans for the team and who he will talk to first.

"My dream is to build a brave team, that fears nobody," Prandelli said. 

Back in 2010 when


 was still playing for 

Bayern Munich

Prandelli’s Fiorentina were eliminated by a decisive Miroslave Klose goal which should have been disallowed for a clear off-side.

"I want to speak with Ribery and ask if he remembers about that robbery in Munich," Prandelli said.

"This team has a big potential, I hope to get it all out and that the players follow me,” he continued.

Both coaches met at Fiorentina’s training ground and regarding this event Prandelli said:"I like this human aspect, I met Beppe this morning and I was embarrassed because I never thought I could take his spot.”

"It's important to hear what people say, it's important to respect everyone”.

The new coach also talked about his plans for the team and how he wishes to put them into practice.

"I have some ideas but first I want to speak with the players, they must be the first ones to be convinced.

"I think I was the only coach to buy season tickets for two years to watch the team, I always loved Fiorentina, I think I can give so much in these months.

"I'd never thought I could be a candidate to become the new Fiorentina coach until a few weeks ago. I received a call last week, it was (Genoa President) Enrico Preziosi and it was midnight, he asked me if I was ready."

"I want to do this job in an important way. This club has always given value to meritocracy. The future is in one hour when the training begins,” he said.

"Mentality is the most important thing. We have to have that one of a strong team, the mentality of the city. I always thought so. I am convinced that many players do not know the qualities that have and have not expressed 100%."

"President Commisso is far away now but he is present. He follows everything we are not abandoned. The structure of the club is very simple and direct.”

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source: SportMob