Neville: 'Tottenham winning Premier League would be a great story'

Tue 10 November 2020 | 12:26

Jose Mourinho already has won three Premier League and with such an outstanding reusume, his team Tottenham hit the highest point of the table after defeating West Brom for a short while until Leicester City came un top.


winning the Premier League under

Jose Mourinho

would be the "most outstanding story" and something that would "alarm"

Manchester United

fans, as indicated by Gary Neville. 

A crowded 2020-21 season is relied upon to deliver a lot nearer title race and the lead at the highest point of the table has changed hands a few times as of now. 

Spurs quickly hit the highest point on Sunday, without precedent for more than six years, following a late 1-0 success at West Brom and they are unbeaten in the group since an opening-game thrashing by Everton. 

Mourinho won the Premier League multiple times with


and, while Neville doesn't really accept that Spurs will wind up champions, he recognizes the previous United manager has enough technical power in him to bring the league title to north London club since 1961.

"I said a couple weeks ago on Monday Night Football that Spurs couldn't win the league, and I still don't think they can,”

the former United defender told The Gary Neville Podcast


"But I do agree with Jamie Carragher that it would be the most outstanding story to see Jose Mourinho win the Premier League with Tottenham.

"It would be something that would alarm Chelsea fans, Manchester United fans and Arsenal fans. It would be one of the great stories, because Tottenham don't win leagues!

"He's got the forward players to do it. You think of the strike force and the goal - it's incredible.”

Neville praised

Harry Kane

for scoring his 150th goal in the Premier League:

"The only thing that can stop Harry Kane doing everything in the game, breaking every record, is injury.

"Alan Shearer is definitely the best striker in PL history in terms of his goal record. He's the best striker I've played with for England, in terms of a number nine, and Rooney I'd put up there with him.

“And Harry Kane has so much similarity in his game, in terms of the mentality, just ice cold, doesn't seem to flinch if he misses a chance, flinch if a goalkeeper saves one, he'll come back and do the right thing. Scoring a goal is a process for them, where he knows where the target is.

"It's methodical, and he's brilliant. He's a great professional, and England are lucky to have him."

source: SportMob