"Napoli are the victims." Napoli lawyer said

Mon 09 November 2020 | 20:49

Napoli lawyer Mattia Grassani is confident the Azzurri’s 3-0 defeat by default against Juventus will get back as he believes the Partenopei "are the victims in this history."

Two of the Partenopei players who tested positive for Covid-19 returned days before the game.

"It was an extremely long debate, extra large, I can’t remember of any other of similar duration,” Grassani told.

“The debate was satisfactory, we put on the field our heart and our soul to explain that games must be played on the field."

“It was a very challenging debate, there were a lot of issues and, above all, what will come out of the judgment is also the credibility of the sports system."

"With the exponential increase of positive cases, sanctioning the missed trip to Turin, which was prevented by Naples’ ASL  would be an offense to all the fans and an attempt to the credibility of sport.”

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis made a speech during the debate.

“It touched on values and issues such as that of sports justice,” Grassani said.

“Napoli are nothing more than the victims of the crime and not the authors."

“Football cannot live above society." President De Laurentiis went straight to the heart of the judges, he was discussing vital issues such as the right to public health.

“The appeal, in our opinion, has good chances to end in a positive way for Napoli.”

source: SportMob