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Barcelona: Xavi Vilajoana should run as a presidential candidate

Mon 09 November 2020 | 20:21

A former member of the board of Josep Maria Bartomeu is set to run as a presidential candidate for Barcelona.

Xavi Vilajoana – who took charge of running the club’s women’s team and the youth teams - will tell on Thursday that he is in the running for the president.

Carlos Tusquets is the current president of the Blaugrana and he will be in position until January at the earliest.

There are six confirmed candidates for the election and Victor Font is said to be the early favorite for the position.

The five others who have announced their deeds to stand ready are Jordi Farré, Toni Freixa, Lluís Fernández Alá, Agustí Benedito and Pere Riera.

Each candidate will need the signature approval of at least 2,257 members and to present a guaranteed payment of at least €124.2m to be considered.

source: SportMob