New verdicts on Napoli and Roma cases have been postponed

Tue 10 November 2020 | 19:09

According to Italy reports the appeal verdicts about Juventus- Napoli and Verona-Roma IS postponed

Both teams were considered defeated due to their illegal activity about COVID19 protocols and similarly Lodged appeal on their verdicts and here is the FIGC’s statement about the matter :

"The proceedings of the appeals submitted to the National Sports Court of Appeal by




are concluded,

“The appeal of Napoli concerns a 0-3 defeat by default and the penalty of a point in the standings for the lack of dispute of the game against Juventus on October 4.

“The Giallorossi’s appeal concerns the 0-3 loss decided by the Sporting Judge for the game against Hellas Verona on September 19.

“The two judges, Piero Sandulli and Lorenzo Attolico, are gathered in the Chamber of Council and the results will be announced at the end of the works.”

The verdicts will be out in the following days according to Sky Sports

source: SportMob