Mazzola: “I don’t see Inter well”

Mon 09 November 2020 | 19:01

Sandro Mazzola, the hero of Inter, affirms he is ‘worried’ by the Nerazzurri performance: ‘Even Lukaku is not doing well.’

 Squad of Antonio Conte draw 1-1 with Atalanta. They, also, are two points off a Champions League placement.

 In response to his Radio talk, Mazzola said: “I don’t see Inter well.” “Honestly, I am a little bit worried maybe they still haven’t found the right system,” he added.

“They always pass the ball to each other, they never shot on goal. Right now I save nobody, not even [Romelu] Lukaku. He should drag the team, he is not doing well.”


source: SportMob