Deschamps on “Unhappy” Pogba

Mon 09 November 2020 | 18:09

The France coach stated that Man-Utd player can’t continue on this way in the club.

French international

Paul Pogba

is not happy with his position on the team claims Didier Deschamps. Pogba who had only eleven appearances in all competitions so far was able to be a factor in scoring only three goals for

Manchester United

this season.

According to Deschamps if the player is looking forward to regaining his happiness he is the only one who can help himself.

 "He's in a situation with his club where he can't be happy and satisfied with his playing time or his positioning.

"He had concerns, like the COVID-19 which hit him quite hard. He needs to find some rhythm. He has been playing since, but we can't help him be fulfilled in what he does."   

Other French players including


have also been going through a rough time following

Real Madrid

defeat where he scored an own goal. Deschamps defended the player saying:  "The players are in a series of matches every three days, I know what he is capable of, same with [Presnel] Kimpembe. You all told me he matured, and he proved it in the last game with us.

"And there, the last match he just played, it went less well and you forget everything he did well? You've seen the matches, the Champions League, the league... The intensity is no longer there.

"They've been doing that [playing every three days] for the last three weeks and it inevitably leads to less physical intensity, more injuries... And that's valid for all players."

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source: SportMob