Di Canio defends Bonucci on the Lazio goal

Tue 10 November 2020 | 18:06

Paolo Di Canio doesn’t think that Bonucci was guilty for the goal Juve conceded against Lazio

The game was going


way on Sunday but

Felipe Caicedo

changed things around with a late equalizer and he did it by putting



The former Italian striker

Di Canio

told Sky Sport: "Bonucci is the only one who is not guilty

“He stayed between the goal and his opponent and he did well. Caicedo moved the ball quickly and he deserves the praise for anticipating a possible intervention of Bonucci.

“The problem is that Correa dribbled past the two central midfielders who should be the bulwarks in front of the defence,” the former Juventus and Lazio striker added.

“He nutmegged [Rodrigo] Bentancur who should have sent Correa wide. It was too easy to dribble him.

“Especially if [Juan] Cuadrado is not nearby, you must send your opponent wide and then there is [Adrien] Rabiot who didn’t even make a tackle.”

source: SportMob