Owen: “I hope Cavani gets the ammunition to fire the bullets.”

The former Red Devils striker awaits a skilled Uruguayan forward to form a positive impression, however worries regarding the service he can get.
Owen: I hope Cavani gets the ammunition to fire the bullets.

Michael Owen claimed Edinson Cavani could have scored "hundreds of goals For the Manchester United team of the past," yet, the former Red Devils striker doubts a "brilliant" choice in the present would lack the "ammunition" he needs to fire the bullets. "It's a very good signing, I just hope he gets the ammunition to fire the bullets.”  
Owen acknowledges that he was still a fan of the South American, who was productive everywhere he was, but the ex-England international questioned whether a devastating finisher can obtain from an inconsistent United outfit the service he needs.  Owen praised Edinson and said “I've watched him for years and years, there's not many players I've ever seen with movement like him in the box when the ball's coming. “Now, Manchester United of old, he would have scored hundreds of goals in those teams."