Pjanic turned down Domenech’s call and chose his hometown

Tue 10 November 2020 | 15:04

Mralem Pjanic says no to his chance of playing for the France national team



player who was born in


and then moved to Luxembourg with his family and played for Luxembourg youth national team clams that he was called by the France manager Domenech while he was in Lyon but refused to turn his back on the mother nation 

“Yes, I could have played for the France team when I arrived in Lyon, but I said a few days before that my dream was Bosnia," Pjanic, 30, told Canal Plus.




called me, but I had already made up my mind. I thanked him of course, but I preferred to be realistic.


"For me, the France team, it was too much [to break into] at that time. And it would have hurt my heart if, on the other side, Bosnia was watching one of its own playing for the France team."

Right now he is preparing for Bosnia-Herzegovina’s friendly match against Iran before facing Netherlands and Italy in the Nations League

source: SportMob