‘Ziyech is a real fighter’ Melchiot praises Chelsea's new winger

Mon 09 November 2020 | 12:40

Former Chelsea defender has praised Chelsea’s new signing as he continues to impress at Stamford Bridge.

After leaving


in the summer transfer window,

Hakim Ziyech

missed the start of the season due to fitness problems. But since his debut for


, The Moroccan winger has shown his high qualities and managed to adjust himself perfectly with the new environment in Frank Lampard’s team. His spectacular performance in Blues’ 4-1 victory against

Sheffield United

provided him with a well-deserved Man of the Match award.

Ziyech's creativity in the game also made Mario Melchiot express his praise for the 27-year-old.

Melchiot believes that Chelsea has found top player in Zyiech and he is able to grow more as a player in the English football.

“When you come to Ajax, the system that they build up is about the technical aspect. Physically we are not always up to the task to compete with people, but technically we are.

“If you look at Ziyech, he’s a strong player. He may not look it, but physically he is.

“Left foot is great and as a human being he is a real fighter.

“It’s about how he positions himself because he’s a guy who tries to achieve better for himself. The only way to do that is through his stamina.

“His stamina, it looks like this guy will never get tired. So it comes down to how long and how effective can he stay for a team?

“Now Chelsea have him, for Ziyech it’s whether he can create the same ability that he had at Ajax – in terms of being so crucial to that team.

“When he does that, then we have a really good player. He is a top player and now he has to continue.

“We are seeing a confident guy but he can be way more confident and dominant in games.

“When he gets to that point, that’s when we are going to see the guy we really want to see.”

Chelsea will play against


on November 21 before continuing their Champions League campaign with a match against Rennes three days later.


source: SportMob