Zenga believes Inter is in need of a 'turning point'

Mon 09 November 2020 | 13:46

 Walter Zenga believes Inter can improve by a turning point

Former goalkeeper Walter Zenga said, ‘just a turning point can affect


.’ He also added he would have been shot if he had spoken like coach

Antonio Conte


The Nerazzurri coach insisted they did not deserve the result after the 1-1 draw with


on Sunday.

Conte added his men did not have ‘killer instinct’ and told the people who meet him after the Europa League Final last season to stop drinking wine.

Inter won one game over eight games and Zenga declared his former team just requires a ‘turning point,’ and it doesn’t mean the Beneamata aren’t playing well.

“If I had said the words that Conte said, I would have been shot,” Zenga said. “I already said last year speaking with Antonio that he must go on without controversy.

“Everyone would like to win, but the pressures that a team like Inter have are different from other teams.

“The results can be seen in the end, drawing at home with Atalanta is not bad. There are moments when you produce a lot and collect little.

“The team satisfies you, but the small details prevent you from winning. You just need a turning point, as happened last year at Atalanta in the group stage of the Champions League.

“Sometimes they go to the semi-finals after having qualified last minute. It’s normal that every match should be judged. But if you don’t win, it doesn’t always mean your team isn’t playing well.”

source: SportMob