Zlatan: Marco Silvestri 'was right’

Mon 09 November 2020 | 12:53

Silvestri attempted to make fun of Milan's forward for missing penalty and stated that 'You missed the last one, right?'



host Hellas Verona at home on Sunday, they experienced a really difficult match against the rival. They conceded two goals in the first half but they succeeded to pull the goals back and the game was finished 2-2 against Hellas Verona.   

According to Sky Sport, Hellas Verona goalkeeper Marco Silvestri attempted to make fun of Milan forward


Ibrahimovic and stated: 'You missed the last one, right?'

Afterwards, Ibrahimovic claimed that Marco Silvestri 'was right’. Zlatan succeeded to score the equalizer but he missed another chance. He also declared that "I missed a penalty and I think I’m leaving the next one to Kessie! That would be better…

source: SportMob