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Luque: Maradona is getting better every day

Mon 09 November 2020 | 11:17

Leopoldo Luque, Maradona's personal doctor confirmed that Maradona is in good condition and getting better everyday.

Doctor Leopoldo Luque has declared that the former



Diego Maradona

‘is improving every day’ since his brain surgery.

The Napoli and Argentina legend had surgery on Tuesday due to discovering a blood clot in his brain, a subdural hematoma. He is staying in a clinic in Buenos Aires.



coach's personal doctor has announced good news about his condition.

"Diego is better, much better," Luque said.

"He's improving every day. His recovery is incredible, he's very lucid."

Although the former Argentina talisman is still under observation in the hospital, but he has followed his team, led by his deputy Sebastian Mendez, who drew 2-2 in the match against

Velez Sardsfield


During the game Maradona was completely attached to his tablet and were commenting on every action and said that yesterday was his 'best day' day for him since he has been hospitalized.

The doctors are now focusing on his addiction to alcohol and this has prolonged his stay in the hospital.

source: SportMob