The Manchester City and Liverpool bosses agreed on changing rules

Sun 08 November 2020 | 21:53

The Manchester City and Liverpool bosses decided for changes in strict rules after Trent Alexander-Arnold’s injury. They discussed that they need to be permitted for five replacements in Premier League competition after Sunday's 1-1 draw.

Although other leagues in Europe permitted their teams to have five changes, the English top-flights are against the idea and agreed on at last three replacements.  

Guardiola replied to BBC Sport's Match of the Day: "We talked about five substitutions. If people want to give microphones so we can give our opinions... English player, right-back is injured. 

"There are many guys with many, many cases. Around the world five subs are key, but here it's totally the opposite. We've talked about this many times."

He added to Sky Sports: "Trent Alexander-Arnold, international English player, now injured. 

"Here we believe we are more special, we don't protect the players, so that is why it is a disaster.

"This calendar came from a year before and I will demand for players to come back otherwise it will be difficult to maintain it."

He added: "It is not easy to defend against Liverpool, normally they have three in attack and now four, they ran in behind and you cannot stay there and they play in between the players.

"It is not easy to play, but we adjusted a bit and had more courage to stay high. We made a good goal and unfortunately we missed a penalty. In games or opponents like Liverpool, if you miss a penalty is it more difficult."


source: SportMob