Inter boss: 'Travel bans are not the same for all teams'.

Sun 08 November 2020 | 21:12

Inter president Beppe Marotta requests to Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora for 'equity' in players restricted from going on international duty by district health officials.

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case had been requested to stay in self-confinement by their nearby ASL. 

That implies no player can go on an international break in front of friendlies and the Nations League installations. 

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Nonetheless, Inter chief Marotta told news organization Ansa today that his club has not gotten any stay-at-home memo. 

“This situation is creating inequality, so I demand the Minister for Sport Spadafora intervenes,” said Marotta.

“It alters the regularity of various tournaments. I find it absurd that the ASL in different regions acts differently, from Rome to Milan to Florence.

“There are protocols, but there is also this grey area created by the lack of any central organization. Every ASL then becomes crucial to the fortunes of the club.

source: SportMob