Gasperini doesn’t feel any pressure on his team

Mon 09 November 2020 | 17:02

Gasperini talked about Miranchuk and their Champions League performance

After their draw against


they now have 13 points in Serie A

“I never had the feeling we were struggling. We’ve played tough games, we play the Champions League every week and defeats can arrive,”


told Sky Sport.


“We won our games, we have our identity. There is a lot of pressure on us as we had to win the Scudetto. I don’t see all these problems.


“Other people put pressure on us. We know how difficult it can be. We’ve had a few players out of action, this time I am saying the break arrive at the right time.”

He also talked about




“I am happy for them both,” said Gasperini.


“Ruggeri had already had a Champions League debut, he has good qualities, he has a bright future ahead.


“Miranchuk is extraordinary, he hasn’t touched many balls but he has already scored two very important goals, one in Serie A and one in Champions League.


“We are not going to have the same intensity as before, I was looking at the schedule for the next two weeks and we'll have only six players available, the next training with all the players will be on the eve of the game against Spezia.


"We are not going to train at all, the same thing will go ahead until Christmas but the same is true of any other club.


“Wingers are very important for us, we lost Castagne and Gosens, Hateboer is playing a lot. The club signed three new players who are settling in.”

And on their champions league performance against


“They are the world cup winners, the best together with Bayern. Sometimes they also struggled in the Premier League, sometimes we helped them, we could have done more and we’ll see what’s going to happen in the second leg. They were twice as quick as us. You can’t challenge them on a technical or physical level.”

source: SportMob