Ansu Fati and torn meniscus; the phenomenon at the crossroad

Sun 08 November 2020 | 13:24

Ansu Fati, the 18-year-old Barcelona phenomenon, suffered a serious injury during the game against Real Betis yesterday.



Real Betis

yesterday in the ninth week of

La Liga

and managed to defeat their opponent



however an incident in the game made the victory bitter for the fans;

Ansu Fati

, the young Barcelona phenomenon, was injured during the first half of the game.

Although Fati continued to play until the end of the first half, he was substituted and replaced by

Lionel Messi


The information on Fati’s situation is gathered by

Dr. Ripoll


“The injury to Ansu Fati has surprised all of us this Saturday evening,”

he said

“Barcelona have communicated a tear of the interior meniscus, and we are talking about a player of just 18 years of age. It has to be stitched up and preserved as it’s the shock absorber of the knee that protects the cartilage.

“The cartilage needs to be protected at all costs, and for that the meniscus has to be stitched. We could be talking about a period between three and five months.”

There is a lot of speculation about him returning to the field, but according to


, everything depends on Fati's decision. He will either have to undergo surgery, in which case he will not be able to return until March, ie 4 more months, or he will be under the supervision of physiotherapists, in which case he will be away from the field for eight weeks.

Fati's young age can help him return to action without surgery, but there is always the risk that the injury will return with another severe blow. Another option is to remove the damaged part of the meniscus, but this will have its own risks.

In any case, a period of 2 to 4 months should be considered for Fati and Barca coach Ronald Koeman should think about filling his place.

source: SportMob