Former Tottenham goalkeeper praises Mourinho strategies

Sun 08 November 2020 | 12:05

Former Spurs golie, Michel Vorm believes with Mourinho methods, Tottenham stand a chance against powerful rivals

Ever since


took over at


, fans hope his direct way of coaching lead them to a trophy-winning standard.

Former Tottenham goalkeeper,

Michel Vorm

believes that Mourinho’s thirst for victory and straightforward attitude toward players can be constructive and lead the


to success:

"Five or six years ago you couldn't have imagined that he would become a Tottenham coach”

Vorm said in an interview

"He has a certain way of working and playing and that takes time. Now you can see his style more clearly at Tottenham. Now you can start judging him a bit more. Mourinho really insists on winning a prize.

"I get along very well with him. Look, people also have a certain image of Louis van Gaal. I also worked very well with him at Oranje.

"I also think Van Gaal is a nice man and I see similarities with Mourinho. Of course I had a certain image of him. But when you work with him, it is different. I like a clear way of communicating and Mourinho is very direct. Take it or leave it."

source: SportMob