Toughest Premier League in Years Claims Ederson

Sun 08 November 2020 | 11:42

The Brazilian keeper believes the ages when only a few teams competed for the Premier League title are coming to an end.

Manchester City

No. 1

Ederson Moraes

thinks this year will witness the highest competition for the silver trophy with “six or seven sides” fighting for the title. In the previous year it was


to snatch the title and two years before the main competition was between two teams only, Liverpool and City. But according to the Brazilian this year there are more contenders for the title and anyone can make the championship their own. Ederson told their official website: “This is not a usual season, the teams out of the ‘Big Six’ have all started well.

Aston villa





have all shown good performances lately. They have a lot of quality players and they’ve all had a good pre-season to start at the highest level.

“This year it will be different, it will be tighter, and I think the title race won’t between two teams, but six or seven sides.”

The player further commented on their upcoming clash with Liverpool saying that he hopes they will earn some points from the match and display a good performance. Guardiola’s men are two matches behind their other rivals who played a total of eight matches so far. Following the international break the Blues will face


in UCL competition.

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source: SportMob