“I have to score more goals” says Haaland

Sun 08 November 2020 | 9:13

The Norwegian player feels like he needs to put more effort on the pitch after their Bayern Munich defeat.

After their loss to

Bayern Munich

the Norwegian player of

Borussia DortmundErling Braut Haaland

felt he needs to start working harder and help win their games instead of putting on a futile display. Unlike the star of their opponent

Robert Lewandowski

the-20-year old had a rough match only succeeding to score one goal out of his many shots toward the net.

"I have to score more goals, If we don't put our chances away at this level, then we won't win," He said.

"[Bayern] are the best team in the world and we have to work harder to take the next step to be as good as them".

During this match Lewandowski scored one goal and had a few of his attempts to be called offside unlike Haaland who had been flagged three times on this occasion.

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source: SportMob