Rummenigge says Alaba’s ‘decision is important to us’

Sat 07 November 2020 | 23:16

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said that David Alaba may stay at Bayern Munich.

Last weekend, it was shed light on Alaba’s future at the Allianz Arena while Bayern disclosed that they draw back their recent contract offer to the Austria international and they were not ready to negotiate more.

Bayern’s decision made the defender shocked that his agreement would be finished at the end of the season. However, good news is heard from both camps.  Rummenigge - the chairman of the club’s executive board - says they can also find some common bases.

Rummenigge said: “I think we all think the same thing here at the club: We all want David to stay. He's a wonderful person and a top player.”

“At some point we have to start planning for the new season. We have to know: Will David stay with FC Bayern or not?

A decision is important to us at this point


"The door is still open a crack,” Rummenigge told Sky Deutschland . “If David wants to stay at Bayern then we have to evaluate how we can find a reasonable solution for both sides."

 Rummenigge stated he hoped Alaba would stay at the club . 

Alaba is one of the most cultivated


in competitions, he operates professionally at left-back and in the center of defence. 

It is believed that the first step is from Alaba. He should make it clear whether he wants to stay or join


Germany or move on a free transfer in the summer.

source: SportMob