Matthaus says Alaba is important for FCB but not irreplaceable

Sat 07 November 2020 | 17:43

The Austria international has been seen at the at Allianz Arena, now serious question has been asked from his future

Lothar Matthaus claims

David Alaba

is an important player for

Bayern Munich

, but he is not “irreplaceable” like

Thomas Muller


Manuel Neuer


Robert Lewandowski


This Austrian player seems to be edging his way towards the exit at the Allinaz Arena.

The discussion about extending the contract has not yielded any results and the separation option is probably more likely.

Alaba is only tied to terms through to the end of the season and could either be offloaded in January or allowed to enter free agency next summer.

Bayern are not eager to lose him and are yet giving up hope of reaching a compromise when it comes to a new deal, but Matthaus says the German champions are talking the right approach in refusing to be held to ransom.

He told: “David is an important player and a face of FC Bayern. That's why they offered him such a great contract. 

“Thomas Muller, Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski are a bit more important and therefore above him in the salary structure. David is difficult to replace. Muller, Lewy and Neuer are irreplaceable.

“I hope and still believe that David will play in Munich beyond the season. However, the negotiations have not become easier for him. 

“David is now free and in the market and all of Europe now knows that. Now it will show how high the value of Alaba actually is in the midst of a global pandemic and whether his team of advisors has gambled away.”

Matthaus wants the Alaba to come out and state in the public whether he is making future calls based on sporting factors or financial gain because he said the he is being shelved.

source: SportMob