Conor Coady is welcomed by Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers

Sat 07 November 2020 | 17:03

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers has welcomed Conor Coady’s transformation after he let the Wolves captain abandon Anfield.

He said: “The


and seeing him playing at the back didn’t surprise me because he has a wonderful football brain. He is very good technically and is a really good communicator.”

While being the Liverpool manager, the Foxes boss helped Coady his senior debut in the Europa League against Anzhi in 2012 and his

Premier League

bow at Fulham in 2013.

Coady takes Wolves to a Leicester side winning their last five matches, specifically Thursday’s 4-0 Europa League victory over Braga.

He was permitted to transfer to Huddersfield a year later. After having a loan at Sheffield United, the previous midfielder Coady interfered as a reliable centre-back at Molineux to be an England international.

Rodgers assumes Coady has been a startling inspiration. He did not waste a minute in the Premier League since Wolves’ promotion in 2018 and, before their travel to Leicester on Sunday

He said: “It has been so refreshing seeing a young player you’ve worked with come through the levels. He has always had that joy of football, it was his passion.”

“He has gone on to become a full international and plays at a really high level. He has been

superb for Wolves


“I am so pleased for Conor because he was a young player when I went into Liverpool and he was always deemed to have an fantastic attitude.”

“He was a midfield player at that moment and it was difficult for him to get in. I followed his career through to Huddersfield where he was playing in a 4-4-2 and certainly not as he is now.


source: SportMob