Podolski: Arteta's treatment with Mesut Ozil is not fair

Sat 07 November 2020 | 15:54

The former Arsenal Forward Podolski blamed Arsenal and Arteta for unfair treatment with Mesut Ozil and added 'That's not okay!'

While Ozil's situation in


has been an important and great point these days, the former Arsenal Forward


blamed Arsenal club and Coach Mikel Arteta for their treatment with

Mesut Ozil

and stated 'That's not okay!'

He stated that Mesut Ozil deserves better behavior and I think

Mikel Arteta

is not fair for him that he has been left out the team since March for

Europa League


Premier League


But Mikel Arteta declared that he "tried to give him many chances" and he has been fair for Mesut Ozil.


Podolski also added that I don't know anything about background but I think "that's absolutely not okay for a professional player who has been with a club for seven years and has always been positive  towards other players in the club to be completely out of the team".

On the other hand former Arsenal Captain

Laurent Koscienly

expressed his support and added that "Mesut Ozil is a very good person and a master and as a player, he is a phenomenon in my opinion".

According to ESPN, Ozil's agent objected to Arsenal club and Arteta for their unfairness and declared that "Arsenal fans deserve an honest explanation" and he added that you are not trustful and honest in this regard. He mentioned that everY person knows that Mikel Arteta and Arsenal have not treated him fairly and they didn't give him any opportunity in this season.

source: SportMob