Messi is urged to stay at Barcelona

Sat 07 November 2020 | 16:14

Quique Setien claims that Lionel Messi boasts too much power at Barcelona and he was looking to “shift responsibility for an awful end of season”, while Rivaldo said that these accusations being refused by a Camp Nou legend

The Blaugrana icon says a former coach should not be shifting the blame for an “awful end of season” and wants a French forward to keep the faith.

A coach has been sharing his experiences with the Liga giants while he is unofficially separated from his prominent position in Catalunya.

Setien has claimed that


was “difficult to manage,” given how important he is to the collective cause at



Rivaldo claims that such issues could be solved by better managers, with a man who flopped badly after being handed the most prestigious of reins considered to be looking for excuses.

The Blaugrana told: “Setien has complained in an interview about Lionel Messi controlling the locker room and having too much say in the club's decisions.

“I have my doubts that Setien's claims are true. But if they were, he should have told the board that he wasn't happy with the situation.

“A manager should always communicate when something is unpleasant for him. Setien shouldn't be trying to shift the responsibility for an awful end of season.”

We have to wait and see how long Messi will be sticking around at Barcelona with the six time Ballon d’Or winner still seeing a move mooted on the back of his efforts to leave over the summer.


source: SportMob