‘We watch football because of Messi’ Henry hails Lionel Messi

Sat 07 November 2020 | 15:43

Former Arsenal star has spoken Lionel Messi and his potential transfer to another club.

Lionel Messi

was on the verge of leaving


after his team’s humiliating 8-2 result against

Bayern Munchen

in their last season Champions League campaign. He eventually stayed at the club but as there is only one year left on his contract, there are rumors around his next club. Messi’s performances during the current season however has not been impressing at all as the player has gone 877 minutes without scoring an open play goal. In a recent interview with CBS Sport, Thiery Henry has spoken about Messi’s situation and the future of his career.

“When I see people having a go at Messi, I laugh,

“People forget that last month he went to play in Ecuador and then he went to play in Bolivia. You can’t even walk in Bolivia! Players coming from Europe, you’ll pass out.

“People forget that we’re not machines. I understand that you need to sell stuff and you need to tell stories, but not this guy. Seriously. I played with Messi, this is not the guy you need to attack.

“Where should Messi end up if he’s not happy? I don’t care. Messi deserves happiness. The amount of joy he has given to people.

“We pay to watch football because of Messi. Messi deserves to be happy. I just hope he keeps playing so my eyes can be looking at something beautiful as he warms my heart with beautiful football.”

source: SportMob