Vidal: There's no Ronaldo comparison, Messi is from another planet

Sat 07 November 2020 | 14:14

Inter midfielder has spoken about Ronaldo vs Messi comparison and his time at Camp Nou.

Having left


after their humiliating defeat against

Bayern Munchen


Arturo Vidal


Inter Milan

on the summer transfer window. The 33-year old had the privilege to play alongside

Lionel Messi

when he was in Barcelona and has always expressed his respect for the Argentinian’s talent. But as it has been a customary in the recent years the GOAT debate for the best footballer continues and now Vidal has spoken about why belongs to Messi’s side and think his abilities are different than any other football player.


There is no comparison between Messi and Ronaldo. Leo is from another planet.

"Of the two years I spent with him, many things have remained in my heart.  A beautiful friendship was born between us, a relationship that will remain forever. United for life."

Vidal has also spoken his new team’s situation in Seire A table and their dream to win the Scudetto.

"I'm not afraid to say the word 'Scudetto' because I have won a lot in my career and I came to Inter to continue doing it.

"I am convinced that we will be able to raise an important trophy.


remains the number one favourite. 

"For the Champions League we have a lot of confidence and I am convinced that we will go on. So far we have lost two-three points on the road, we have to get them back."

source: SportMob