I won't celebrate if I score, says Suarez

Suarez will be playing against his former club, Barcelona. Suarez says that he will not celebrate if score.
I won't celebrate if I score, says Suarez

Suarez was a key member to Barcelona for the past few years but despite his willingness to stay at Barcelona, he had to leave. He joined Atletico Madrid, another title contender in Spain and said that he would defend the shirt to his death.
Suarez says he will not celebrate against Barcelona, his former club if he scored. He obviously still has the love for the Catalans.

Speaking to AS, the Uruguayan outlined how content he is with life in Madrid. “How competitive my teammates are on a day-to-day basis is a positive – each one supporting the one to the death,” he said. “You feel that and it’s important for the group. If the team convinces itself [that it can compete], we can achieve important things.”

Suárez revealed that he wouldn’t celebrate if he scores against Barça for Atleti. “I wouldn’t celebrate out of respect for my teammates and a club that has given me a lot, but I’m going to defend the Atlético shirt to the death as I have defended all the shirts of all the teams in which I have played.”