Vidal: 'It is a little strange face Juventus with the Inter jersey on'

Sat 07 November 2020 | 11:29

Arturo Vidal is going to head-to-head with Juventus with Inter jersey.

It is even ‘strange’ for

Arturo Vidal

to face





The Chile international has spent three years at Juventus with coach

Antonio Conte

and with

Andrea Pirlo

as a teammate.

And now Vidal is coming back to Serie A and is going head-to-head with Juventus for the Scudetto.

“I am really happy for Andrea that he has started his coaching career like this. He’s a good guy and we remained in contact over the years,” said the midfielder.

“It is a little strange to be facing Juventus with the Inter jersey on, but I always give my best on the field and I’ll do that against Juve or any other opponent.”

And when the former


is asked about who is the ‘GOAT’ between




, without any hesitation Vidal answers.

“There is no comparison. Messi is from another planet. We’ve also become close friends and I think that’s a bond that will last forever.

“I don’t know if Messi will leave Barcelona, but I hope he is happy and makes a decision with his heart.”

source: SportMob