Racial Stereotypes Dominate the Transfer Market in Premier League

Sat 07 November 2020 | 8:28

Anti-racism charity reveals how some clubs are biased toward signing some players.

The head of anti-racism charity and

Kick it Out boss

says the main reason for the avoidance of signing with players with Asian heritage is the “lazy racial stereotype”.


Sanjay Bhandari

during a recent review 250 people from the world of football were asked to elaborate on their decisions regarding this issue. Kick It Out anti-racism charity which aims to end biases and make the transfer of Asian players more common was shocked to see the result of their review says Bhandari.

 “In each case, an academy coach or scout had asked the parents: ‘Why should I waste time with your kid when you will just want them to be an accountant or a lawyer?” he told Daily Mirror.

“It is scandalous that such lazy racial stereotypes are still being peddled and accepted. Clubs need processes that remove these unconscious biases from the system.”


also commented on how racial abuse has expanded to the world of social media and how they would be happy to cooperate with football clubs and technology companies to end such behaviour.  

“At Kick It Out, we have been looking at, for example, how we can expand our partnerships with technology companies to use artificial intelligence tools to monitor social media abuse of this kind. We believe that football clubs should be investing much more in this space.”

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source: SportMob