Lampard said Pulisic ‘is still suffering with his hamstring’ pain

Fri 06 November 2020 | 22:48

Due to his hamstring strain, Christian Pulisic will not be present in his team Chelsea again when they are going to encounter Sheffield United on Saturday.

The Chelsea boss confirmed that Pulisic currently

suffers serious pain

however the scan showed such a “very minor” injury at first.

"Pulisic is not fit to play. He's still suffering with his


He's not [training] at the moment," said Lampard.

It is clear that until after the international break Christian Pulisic won’t come back for Chelsea because he pulled a hamstring.

 Unfortunately, Chelsea will have to play without one of his important agents for their battle against Sheffield United in the Premier League at Stamford on Saturday.

As coming back of football in June, Pulisic tried more shots (28) and rounded off many more dribbles (19) compared to the rest of Chelsea player in the top flight. Also, he has taken part in a team-high six goals (four scored, two assisted) in the game, level with Olivier Giroud and Willian.

Lampard declared that

Kepa Arrizabalaga

will be replaced during the absence of Pulisic.

Timo Werner

was substituted by Pulisic in the starting line-up for the Burnley game and the Germany international.

Lampard stated: "I'm not going to give the team away, but I think it was clear with the Burnley game I was planning on giving him a rest. It was more because I had options and the journey to Russia and back.”

"Timo's played a lot of games, but at the beginning there's always a balance in my job of players that are playing well and enjoying it, finding their way in the team and making relationships and feeling the league if they're new to the league, and I think that's been a big deal for Timo.”

source: SportMob