Eriksen not suitable for Italian football, says Laudrup

Fri 06 November 2020 | 10:50

Laudrup wants Eriksen out of Inter and says that the Danish midfielder should exit the Italian side.


joined Inter from


last winter. He came there as a star but quickly became a bench player. No one including himself knows exactly don't what is wrong and why he is not starting but it is obvious that he is not a fit for the Italian side.


, the Danish legend says that Eriksen is not suitable for Italian football and he should leave Inter. The former


star has seven appearances in all competitions so far this season and has failed to score a goal or deliver an assist.

“I don’t believe he is not suitable for Italian football”,


told TV3.

“He’s obviously a great player. He has two midfielders behind him and a giant like Romelu Lukaku who moves a lot and Lautaro Martinez, who is technically valid, ahead of him.

“There can be so many other things behind it. Mentally and culturally and things like that. But I can’t believe he can’t adapt tactically.

“I see that the local press, especially La Gazzetta dello Sport which is based in Milan. They have journalists who are already writing that his experience is coming to an end. They’ll get this information from somewhere, maybe also from the club.

"I think Eriksen might want to look around for something new. But it’s not easy either. It is not easy to find a club that wants to pay a lot of money for him, considering how little he played.”

source: SportMob