Paulo Dybala: Can I celebrate now?

Thu 05 November 2020 | 20:01

Regarding the report of UEFA, Paulo responded that I need both goals for celebration

In reaction to UEFA's report,


responded can you scored both goals for me so that I could celebrate it?

Last night was an unforgettable night for

Paulo Dybala

, he entered the game on the second half and he scored a goal against


only five minutes after his entrance to the playing field. Moreover, he used his another chance by a mistake of the rival's goalkeeper and scored another goal, the goal was scored as an own goal since rival's defender resulted on the ball before entering the ball into their own team's goal.

EUFA mentioned in their site that Paulo Dybala is the only Juventus player who has scored in each of the last six UCL seasons with Juventus.

And Paulo Dybal said I need both goals for celebration.

The goal which was scored by Dybala was the first goal which he has scored in this season for


source: SportMob