Campbell claims Gabriel was a bargain for Arsenal

Thu 05 November 2020 | 16:44

With only conceding 7 goals so far in the league, Arsenal got the best defense in the league.


, former


striker hails


, Arsenal's new signing. The defender came from France to improve


defensively and did it perfectly.


says that the defender is always ready to defend with heart and called him an absolute steal for the Gunners.

The former Gunners striker is impressed that


was able to do a deal at a relatively low asking price, with it about time that the Premier League giants found themselves a defensive bargain.

“Finally Arsenal have got a centre-back who wants to defend, who likes to defend,”


told Football Insider.

“You see Gabriel back there and he is making the players around him better. That is the sign of a top-class player.

“He is powerful, quick, strong, good on the ball and good in the air – Arsenal stole him for that price!

“That is an absolute steal because he is only going to get better. A very strong player that is only in his 20s. A signing that has hit the ground running straight away.”

Gabriel is just 22 years of age, but has already passed the 100-appearance mark at club level.

source: SportMob