Lampard is happy with Abraham’s performance

Fri 06 November 2020 | 15:45

Frank Lampard praises Abraham’s performance with changing roles in the team


scored his first goal in 8 matches in their 3-0 win against Rennes in Champions League this week and this made


talk positive about his work in the team

“I’m very happy, I’ve had numerous conversations with Tammy because I have a good relationship with him,” said Lampard.

“When we brought in players in attacking areas we brought in players who are versatile in their nature, Timo playing on the left for instance. The qualities Tammy can bring to the team are never lost on me.

“I know what he can bring when he’s at his best. In his last two games, today and against Burnley, we saw him at his best.

“He got his goal and he deserves it in terms of stretching teams, taking them long, setting off our press, jumping in.

“Not happy to just jump five yards but get the team up the pitch as the first man off the ball. Those things are very important for me. Sometimes it’s about the unseen.

“His goal was the culmination of his performances over the past two matches.”

source: SportMob