Upamecano is warned to learn from his repetitive mistakes

Thu 05 November 2020 | 14:34

RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann assumes Dayot Upamecano is going to learn ultimately that his mistakes in front of Paris Saint-Germain. However, he knows that he repeats a lot his mistakes unfortunately

Julian Nagelsmann states that Dayot Upamecano is "on his way to world class", but he has to be more vigilant about the ball - as 

Opta's data clarify.

Efficiently significant defender Upamecano presented PSG the opener in Wednesday's

Champions League

battle, although Leipzig foretold a possible vital 2-1 victory.

Upamecano – connected to Manchester United - conceded a penalty later on, too, before Leipzig commenced their fightback. It was such an

unpredictable mistake

that made Nagelsmann  worried about the upcoming problem.

"The mistakes he's making are all starting the same way," Nagelsmann said. "He wants to pass the ball to the attackers right away once he's won it. That simply does not work all the time.”

"I can see a learning curve. Against Hertha, we've had similar situations, the same at the start of the second half against Gladbach, where we end up defending one against two players.”

"He has to recognise when he can play the ball forward and when not. He is used to playing the ball forward fast to create a counter-attack.”

"He grew up like this during his first year at Leipzig, when this was the main tactic. Now the next step has to come."

Because Upamecano has proven himself as one of the Champions League's astonishing defenders, thereby, the mistakes are considered annoying.


source: SportMob