Scholes: "Marcus is like Nani”

Thu 05 November 2020 | 14:06

Former Red Devil’s midfielder, Paul Scholes believes that Rashford is not playing his full potential


Man Utd


Paul Scholes

believes a speedster like


should run behind opponent’s defense without having to be told to.

The 23-year-old forward had an admirable performance for Manchester, scoring


goals in


matches he participated in.

However, Scholes thinks he has the same flaws that


once had and he is not playing with his full strength:

“Players need to know their strengths. Marcus' strengths is running in behind, Mason Greenwood's strength is running in behind because of his pace”

Scholes told BT Sport

“Now if you’ve got time on the ball you should be able to play that ball over the top to them.

“If you're a central midfielder for Manchester United you should be able to play that ball over the top. I'm not sure if Fred is. He might be.

“I was lucky enough to play with great forwards; Robin, van Nistelrooy, Andy Cole, all players who ran in behind and you didn't need to tell them.

“I probably only played with one player who you had to constantly tell - it was Nani. Nani had the strength to run in behind people but you had to keep telling him.

“It looks like Marcus is the same. You're the quick players in the team. You want to stretch the team.

“OK if it's not on, if Fred can't make the pass then create space for your Pogbas, for your Fernandez, because the back four are pinned back. Sometimes Fred needs to demand more.”

source: SportMob