World Anti-Doping Agency Lose to Sakho

Thu 05 November 2020 | 13:40

WADA apologizes to the French player after accusing him wrongly in 2016.

Crystal Palace


Mamadou Sakho

who was accused of using higenamine was exonerated after the court ruled to his favor.  The Frenchman who missed his team’s game against


 back when he was still a Liverpool player was defended by UEFA’s disciplinary body of doping after revealing that the substance he used was not on the banned-substance list. Though after these events WADA still kept on accusing the player,Sakho fought them back with accusing them of ruining his reputation. Eventually the court ruled in his favor. In return WADA agreed to pay a sum to the player making up for the harm that he may have recieved during the time of acusations and they promised not to accuse him for no reason in the future.

Following these events the former


player Joined Palace on a permanent deal after being their loanee for a while.

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source: SportMob