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Chiellini:'We made it seem easier'

Thu 05 November 2020 | 10:27

Giorgio Chiellini admits that they 'were too comfortable' and they should not 'kid' themselves.

Giorgio Chiellini

admits that his team ‘were too comfortable’ and ‘kid’ themselves in the game against


with 4-1 win in the Champions League.

“We made it seem easier, and in my mind we were too comfortable in the first half and slowed the tempo too much. We did better when pushing after the break and raised the tempo to create chances,” Chiellini said.

“We mustn’t kid ourselves, there was a big difference in the level of the teams, but after the win at Spezia, we want to go into the break for international duty with another victory against a much stronger side like Lazio.”

Chiellini after his injury missed the games with




and actually it was his first game since he got injured.

“I felt a little tired towards the end and a bit rusty, especially at my age, but I trained well in the last week and hope to give my contribution on the field.”

In the game also Chiellini back passed and it was almost a a gifted goal.

“I only thought there was one behind me and didn’t see him, we got a bit complacent at 4-0 up and

Wojciech Szczesny

rescued me. I saved him a few times, so this time he rescued me!”

source: SportMob