Alvaro Morata feels 'wanted and loved' at Juventus

Thu 05 November 2020 | 9:35

Alvaro Morata feels gets all the motivation he needs in Juventus and has rediscovered his form there.

Alvaro Morata

as he claims, feels ‘wanted' at


and that is why he has rediscovered his form.

The Spaniard also gained another two goals today against


in Budapest and won 4-1.

“I said when I came back here that I felt like a more complete player and I matured as a person by going through the good and bad in my career. It was all a learning experience,” Morata said.

“The motivation I want in my football is the same as any person needs in life, to feel wanted and loved. I think I have all that I need at Juventus. I can still improve and I believe we’ll continue to grow together and go far.”

Morata as a young man has been teammates with

Cristiano Ronaldo


Real Madrid

and now is reunited with him.

“I don’t need to tell you what Ronaldo represents and what he brings to the team. He’s a great teammate, he talks to everyone, helps everyone and is our most important player. We all hope he can continue scoring and take us to the level he has envisaged in his mind.”

The reason Paratici, the director of Juventus, has chosen Morata upon is his ability to play alongside Ronaldo or

Paulo Dybala


“I know they have their characteristics and I must make the most of their qualities to be in the right place for a goal or a pass. I am at the disposal of the team and don’t mind adapting to their characteristics with my movement.”

source: SportMob