Tare: 'Lazio players negative 30 minutes later'

Wed 04 November 2020 | 19:03

Thomas Strakosha, Ciro Immobile and Lucas Leiva negative test has confirmed half an hour after the UEFA Covid-19 positive results

Before the game the Covid-19 tests turned positive for


, but they showed negative results for the Lega

Serie A


“When it’s


, we always have to explain what’s going on,” Tare shrugged on Sky Sport Italia.

“We performed the usual swabs last week, we hosted a visit from the Prosecutors’ Office twice and handed over all the tests. We did the tests again on Friday and Saturday, they came back negative, so they played on Sunday.

“Then it was exactly the same thing that happened last week with

Andreas Pereira

and before that

Wesley Hoedt

, which is there are some figures in the tests that are judged in a different way.

“We are at the absolute disposal of the authorities, our conscience is clear and we can only wait for the final results.”

It is a question that with this difference in the tests last week, will


be given the all clear using the Serie A swab to play against


on Sunday?

“Yes, we think he can play, because the tests we did half-an-hour after the UEFA one was negative. The same was true of Leiva and Strakosha. It’s very similar to what happened to Inter with Achraf Hakimi.

“There has to be some uniformity, otherwise we cannot continue like this.”

source: SportMob