Fonseca expressed his concern about international breaks

Wed 04 November 2020 | 14:57

Paulo Fonseca admits he is concerned about the international break due to the COVID situation


spoke at a press conference about their Thursday’s clash against the



He said: “They are very strong team and have a specific way of playing and they do it well. They are aggressive on the second balls and last season they were in the same group of


. They qualified and Lazio didn’t. Cluj haven’t lost in 15 games.”

Chris Smalling

will be out tomorrow while the coach has yet to make a decision on



"Smalling will not start, it’s a lot to do three games from the beginning.

"As for Pedro, I knew he could be a very important player for the team and I am not surprised by his performances.

“He is a unique professional. We will see tomorrow if he plays, it is true that he played almost every game but we have to manage him and


. I think he can play, let’s see if he will start.”

Borja Mayoral

has not yet scored his first goal with the

A.S. Roma


"What I’m interested in, is getting Mayoral to play, there aren’t different teams for

Serie A

and Europa League.

“I think the most important thing is to make him play.

"For me, it’s about choosing the best players for every game. Obviously I’m attentive to the physical condition of the players and the proximity of the next game but the most important thing is to choose the best players for this game.”

Fonseca has fully expressed his concern about the upcoming international breaks.

"Here at Roma we are very strict, we do tests almost every day.

“I know national teams do the same but players go to different countries and continents. It’s a situation that worries me, we hope nothing happens."



source: SportMob