Bastoni:'We made mistakes that cost dearly in these matches'

Wed 04 November 2020 | 11:56

Although Inter is struggling to score and when they do, they can not hold it and lose the games and leave the Spain empty handed, but it is believed that they can go through the knockout stages.

Alessandro Bastoni

believes that his team ‘made costly mistakes’ in the game against

Real Madrid



played very well and made it difficult for Real Madrid to fight and win the game, as

Lautaro Martinez


Ivan Perisic

scored the equalizer for the him side’s 2-0 lead through

Karim Benzema


Sergio Ramos

. But


scored the last goal and changed the result to 3-2 for Real Madrid.

“We are certainly disappointed with the result,” Bastoni said. “We made mistakes that cost dearly in these matches.

“The third goal broke our legs, and we are very disappointed. The matches are made by the small details.

“Today, like on other occasions this season they went against us.”

It is apparent that Inter is struggling to gain points, but despite picking up only two points from three games, it is believed that they could go through the knockout matches.

“We must work to understand why it happens so often,” he said. “As long as we mathematically have a chance, we believe in it."

source: SportMob