Ramos: Not every day you score your 100th goal

Wed 04 November 2020 | 18:59

Sergio Ramos delighted of recording his 100th Real Madrid goal after Tuesday's victory

Real Madrid

captain Sergio Ramos scored his 100th Madrid goal this week. Ramos feasted his century of goals for Los Blancos after defeating Inter in the Champions League with a 3-2 win on Tuesday. The interesting fact was that 55 of his shots were headers. "Individual records are secondary, but it's nice when your achievements, effort and sacrifices over the course of so many years are recognised," Ramos said.

Number of Champions’ League group-stage goals record for other top players are as follows: Lionel Messi (70) and Cristiano Ronaldo (63) Karim Benzema (49). Ramous gave his view on Tuesday’s play and said it was a really tough game and Inter were very solid side with a very clear playing style. He mentioned it's a good sign when we continue to surprise people. “When the team wins, the players gain confidence. But we have to try not to be affected by it.” The 34-year-old captain expressed his delight and happiness and said “It's not every day you get your 100th goal; as long as they help us to win games and bring positive things to the team, I'll be really happy.”


source: SportMob