Gasperini admires his opponent Klopp

Wed 04 November 2020 | 19:56

Atalanta boss thinks that klopp ‘is a good person for football.’

“You need to do many things right in these games if you want to win, and that means quality, because it’s important where you win back the ball, keeping an eye on their pace, their counter-attacks, if the ball bounces badly,” the coach told

Sky Sport Italia

just before kick-off.

“There are many elements in play, but with quality, we can do all that and cause problems for


, which is what we hope to do.”

He also talked about being compared to


Liverpool style of football

“Perhaps yes, there are some football concepts that are very similar, albeit with different characteristics, but being compared to Liverpool is fine with us!

“I have not yet been able to meet Klopp. I don’t need to list his results, but he is a very good person for football, in the way he talks, presents himself, respects the opposition and always has a smile to take the sting out of situations.”

source: SportMob