Pochettino: It is wasn't good time for Tottenham to change the stadium

Tue 03 November 2020 | 16:19

Former manager of Tottenham Spurs stated that Mourinho has capability to win the competitions.


relocated at


for a limited period of time and


declared that it wasn't a suitable time for us to change the stadium and they could have performed better.

Mauricio Pochettino mentioned that Tottenham missed a chance for improving their team by moving to another stadium, but I am optimistic about future of the club and I am confident about performance of

Jose Mourinho.

 He referred to 2016-17 premier league when they were runner-up of the competitions and it was a season that players showed considerable performance of themselves and they won 17 games and had 2 draws. They moved to Wembley stadium after the season.

Based on Pochettino, people were saying that playing in Wembley won't bring good luck for Tottenham. And while the team's performance was well, we were unable to improve the team and we could be close to win a great competition. as a result, we were sad because we could not win the competition.

At the end, he declared that winning the competitions will be possible for Tottenham with presence of Jose Mourinho, and he expressed his hope about future of the club.  

source: SportMob