Dier Pushes Alli to to Get Back to the Pitch

Tue 03 November 2020 | 13:11

The Spurs player supports his teammate to work his way back into the field.

According to


’s player,

Eric Dier


Dele Alli

can get back into Mourinho’s squad in he works hard. The player who has missed the Spurs last three matches had a slight chance to display his performance on the team and based on Mourinho statements the reason for Alli’s absence from the squad is the presence of great number of strikers but Dier thinks if the player was to return to the game his fate lies within his own hands.


further commented on their Premier League games and how they might be on the run for the title. The Spurs stand third on the table with only two pints behind the leading team,



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source: SportMob